Will Apple make a wrist device? I don’t know. But they should at the very least be thinking about it.

All I know is that at least 50 times a day I reach in my pocket to see why my phone just buzzed. A new email? A DM? An iMessage? Some sports score alert? Instagram? Path? Facebook? Foursquare?

I reach into my pocket, pull out my iPhone, turn on the screen, see the notification, then turn off the screen, then put the phone back in my pocket. 

Imagine if I could just look at my wrist? 

Pebble gets us close to this dream (which is why I bought one and you should too), but not fully there. Maybe Apple opens up new device APIs, or maybe they build that new device themselves. I’d be fine with either.

The nightmare scenario of unceasing notification makes perfect sense in the sad and shortsighted world of wanting to be friends with your phone. Or, well, I take that back. Maybe it’s a crucial step toward becoming a cyborg, which is a hell of a dream to have. Maybe it does indeed make more sense to stitch our chatterbox devices onto our bodies rather than continue on with the plainly-ridiculous system of reaching-into-our-pockets that we currently employ.

Which human do we wish to be? The one who is constantly fidgeting in his pants or the one who is attendant to the goings-on of his wrist? The sloppy information drunk, or the functional information alcoholic?

The answer is the latter. That is the dream.