With today’s release of Foursquare 5.0, Foursquare has modified its “dodgeball” icon and cemented it as the solid logo and visual brand for the company.

Starting today, you’ll begin to notice an inspiring new icon for your Foursquare experience. Our new icon grows out of a love for playground games, the kind we all remember from youth, which is the most wondrous part of the human lifetime. Humans naturally crave simple geometry, which is why we’ve removed all squares and angles and rebuilt the icon purely out of four overlapping circles—just as your circles of friends overlap with the circle of life. We are all headed toward the same fate. Circles are a reflection of communities of common purpose, and we see circles in check-ins ranging from the neighborhood pizza parlor (a delicious circle!) to the circle that is the Earth we all share, spinning optimistically through a universe of limitless possibility.

One more change we’ve made: our dodgeball is now pointed upwards, as if being aimed into the face of God Himself.

This is definitely a huge improvement. The new dodgeball feels like it’s flying.