There are about a million adorable articles of clothing one can buy for one’s baby, but I wanted to do something special for my own son. I put together a few designs inspired by my favorite themes from children’s toys and games. I shared them with some friends and the response was so positive, I’ve decided to put them up for sale.

I’m doing them through Spreadshirt, so the size and color choices are very flexible. You can get any of the three designs in baby, kid, and adult sizes in a whole buncha colors. The printing is a cute, textured felt. I just ordered the ghosts on gray for myself.

You can purchase them here!

We are asking David to make these for dogs, because our dog is hopelessly naked all the time. If you are already a naked baby or a naked adult, you should consider investing in one of these great articles of clothing. And just look at the arms on that dinosaur.